Two Cents on Your Dental Health and Well-Being


As a full grown adult, you must have noticed how much emphasis your mum put on your dental health and well-being. As moms always know best, listening to them was the only choice we had. Just to be fair, our dental health is sensitive and needs all the care and attention we can give to it. As much as the ball is in our court, seeking professional help every once in a while is always a welcome idea. Speaking of which, quality dentists are on call, waiting to assist with any problems we may have with our teeth.

dentistYears of Practice

Looking at yourself in the mirror and being able to smile proudly at yourself is quite a milestone. Most of us have had to depend on professional help at some point. Most dentists worldwide are dedicated to their work. All it takes is for you to realize that you do need their services. It has taken them years of practice for them to perfect it and deliver quality to their patients. Several years down the road, you will begin to appreciate your visits to the dentist when you were a child.


Areas of Expertise

Just to clarify something, not all dentists specialize in all areas. Others deal strictly with whitening while others do replacements and others. Best of all, others provide all services and are perfect at everything. You are better off finding out what kinds of services you need before calling on the dentist. Besides, this will save you the agony of having to deal with effects you never expected. This calls for intense research in all the areas you think need urgent attention from a professional dentist.

Get in Touch

By now, you must have traced the dentist whose services you need so badly. The next step is definitely to get in touch with them. On the bright side, most of these dentists have their complete profiles, addresses, and contacts on some sites online. This makes it a lot easier for those willing to have a facelift of some sort on their dental health. For instance, the Best dentist is the one you should be on the lookout for. We all want nothing but the very best for our pearly whites. Therefore, we have to follow the procedures laid out for us.

Your Part

Now that all the listed areas have been taken care of, the rest of it is definitely up to you. After getting what you have been looking for, it’s time to carry on from where the dentist has left you. Your dentist will leave you with a set of instructions that are quite easy to follow. Failure to do so will ruin your chances of attaining the million dollar smile you have been after for so long. Being consistent is the way to go as you will have nothing but the best results to look forward to.

dentist toolBe Consistent

If you would love to see some progress in your dental structure, be consistent in your routines. We all have dental maintenance routines we practice so religiously. Missing even a single step for some time could lead to a host of unsightly consequences.…

Common dental services offered in dental clinics today

dental check 66

Do you want to improve your oral health? If yes, your dentist can help you get your adorning smile back. How do they do this? Dentists have a variety of smile and tooth restoration techniques at their disposal. Each of these methods has its unique pros and cons. It is only after evaluating the functional benefits of each of these options when your dentists will be able to get the best fit for you. That said, here are some common dental services you should know about.

Dental veneers

teeth 44

Dental veneers are mainly used in cosmetic dentistry. They are super thin shells placed over your incisors or front teeth. As such, a person with dental veneers enjoys a perfect smile. Veneers are mainly used by persons with stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. These units are fabricated or made by dental technologists. As such, it is up to your dentists to come up with a model and present it to the technologist who then comes with a custom solution.

Dental implants

This is one of the most notable developments in modern-day dentistry. Dental implants are meant to address tooth loss. Implants are ideally replacement tooth roots made from titanium metals. These roots are then inserted into the jaw and hold the fabricated tooth. The main benefits of having dental implants over other tooth replacement options include improved comfort, oral health, speech and easy eating.


Invisalign aligners are meant to improve the quality of your smile. Ideally, invisalign is designed to realign your teeth by shifting them gradually to the perfect position. These aligners are almost invisible, comfortable, and removable. As such, they help you get your smile back without interfering with the quality of your life. Millions of people have transformed their smile with invisalign aligners.

Dental crown

dentist 33 Dental crowns are special caps that cover teeth. They are made from select metal alloys, porcelain, or special porcelain-metal alloys. They are mainly used to reinforce broken or weakened teeth. Thus, dental crown improves tooth functions like chewing and the appearance of your teeth. Crowns are mounted on teeth and can only be removed by a dentist. Of course, he or she should be offering these services.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are tooth replacement options meant to replace one or more missing teeth. Ideally, a dental bridge is a fabricated prosthesis made from a combination of dental crowns and a fabricated tooth. A bridge restores your smile, prevents existing teeth from shifting, and restore your ability to speak with clarity.…

Dental Implant Procedure: A Guide for Beginners


Dental implants are a miracle to the world of dentistry. It’s a process of embedding a screw made of titanium or titanium alloys into the jawbone. The dentist then secures an artificial tooth which looks and feels like a real tooth onto the screw. The screw will after sometime fuse to the jawbone and the tooth will stay on permanently, thus filling the space where a discomforting gaping hole would be. For beginners who wonder what are dental implants, then they now know. Further, the procedures involved and how to manage after that may be your worry as a beginner. Here is what you need to know about implants.

A reputable dentist is a must

DentistYou don’t want to leave your dental health into the hands of someone who will not do it right. The first procedure that starts with you, is getting the right doctor who has had a history of doing the right job with other patients.

An introductory examination

Checking whether your jaw is strong enough for an implant is next. X-rays and CT scans are used for this procedure. If the jaw is strong enough, the dentist will prepare you for the future surgical procedure. It the jaw is weak, you will be referred to a specialist for a bone graft to help strengthen the area for a suitable implant.

Preparing for the surgery

Preparation includes dealing with the possible infection, bone grafting and dealing with the pain before surgery. After a suitable bone graft to help strengthen the area, the doctor may recommend the following: stopping smoking, antibiotics for those who are prone to infection, a balanced diet and maybe an antibacterial mouthwash to keep clean.

You will be given suitable anesthesia which is injected around the area of operation. If you cannot cope with the operation, a reputable surgeon will administer anti-anxiety medication to help you.

The surgery

The time it takes depend on the number of teeth which need the implant. Some cases require the removal of teeth first. Caution should be taken when your front teeth need to be removed first. Ensure a reputable dentist does this so that the area around the bone and gum are not destroyed.

After numbing, an incision is made in the gum just above where the implant will be done. A hole is then drilled using special drills till the required diameter is achieved. It is then stitched up to heal using self-absorbing stitches before receiving your tooth.

Receiving the tooth

dental checkOnce healed and the dentist has examined that the area has healed properly, the gums are opened again to reveal the site for the implant. The tooth is screwed in using a special drill or by hand. A crown made from the impression obtained from your original tooth is then fitted. The dentist will ask you to bite to ensure it fits perfectly before you are sent home.

Healing and aftercare

This involves taking good oral care to avoid infection and ensure your teeth stays in place. Managing pain, eating healthy, good dental care plus visiting your dentist are the important things to do. Within a week or two, your tooth will be healed.

Dental implants are cost-effective, less painful compared to bridges and dentures, and are durable. If you are considering to go for one, that decision is best.…

Considerations when choosing a dental crown


After losing a tooth, your dentist will recommend another crown to be placed in the space. Fixation of a crown is essential after removal of infected teeth. The crown is normally made of hard material to offer protection to the sensitive parts of your teeth like the root. When choosing the perfect crown that suits you best, it is advisable that you consider the following factors.



It is important to know why your dentist recommends that you have a dental crown. This will help you to make the right choice. Apart from having that knowledge, it is also necessary to look for some facts regarding the types of crowns that are available. These facts will guide you to choose a crown that is of good quality. Ensure also that you know more about the reliability and durability.

Gold crown

If you like to add some uniqueness to your dental formula then opting for golden crowns is a wonderful idea. The gold crowns are beautiful and perform better services than others. They are made strictly out of a metal material, so it is impossible to break them which makes them highly durable. If you are also not concerned about color, then gold crown will be the best option

Porcelain fused with metal crowns

Porcelain can make better crowns if their durability is improved. This has made dentists to look for better ways of fortifying porcelain. It is therefore fused with metals so that it becomes the visible part and the metal the underlying part. The fuse porcelain are still as strong as metal crowns.

Compare costs

The costs of crowns differ depending on the material that makes up the crown. Some are very costly compared to others. Take sufficient time to check out the costs and compare, more so if you are working on a tight budget. It is advisable that you invest in dental crowns that are very durable regardless of the cost.

Ask your dentist

When deciding to buy a dental crown, you must seek the opinion and direction of your dentist. Dentists understand the existing crowns better and can advise you which one to go for so that you make the best choice.


dentalporceeeeYou can consider choosing crowns that are made of porcelain. Porcelain tends to be very white, and many cosmetic dentists usually prefer using them on clients. The only issue with porcelain crowns is their durability and performance since they are not as durable as crowns made of metal. Dentists are however finding ways of enhancing their strength and longevity.

These are important factors to consider before getting dental crowns so that you get one that best suits your needs.…