A Guide to Buying a Trampoline

trampoline, kids playing


A trampoline is the best investment you can make for your health. Whether you are buying it for your children for summer or own mini exercise trampoline. It is the best decision ever. Below are some of the advantages of using a trampoline.

Benefits of a trampoline

Health benefits

There are a lot of benefits associated with trampoline exercise. Among the documented includes, weight loss, detoxification, reduction of diabetes, kidney stones, blood clots, headaches, blood pressure and stress.

Unique exercise

kids, bouncing trampolineAmong the reasons why it is effective is because it is unique. It is unique in that, and weightlessness is achieved at each high bounce and force double that of gravity is achieved at the lowest. Bouncing produces G-force responsible for disposing of toxins and debris, destroying cancerous and dead cells.

Weightlessness and astronauts

Astronauts know the importance of gravitational forces. They experience zero gravity in the space. With continues visits to space, they suffer the loss of muscle atrophy and loss of bone mineral density. Vigorous exercise stimulates gravity and produces tension in the muscles and bones preventing the problems.

Strengthens the body

Rebounding increases the effect of gravity. Which strengthens the muscles, bones and all cells in the body helping to strengthen the whole body and keeps its well-toned.

Types of trampolines

Trampolines are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. The type of trampoline you buy depends on your budget and intended use. They come in different shapes the most common being rectangle, round, and square.

Round trampolines

They are mostly used for outdoors family needs. Larger trampolines support more than one bouncer at a go. They give controlled bounce because the springs are evenly distributed from the center.

Square trampolines

They have a larger surface area than round trampolines. As mentioned in point one above, round trampolines are used for recreational use. Their large surface area makes it easy for more than one person to bounce though it is not recommended.

Rectangle trampolines

trampoline with netThis type of trampolines, especially the large rectangle ones are used for gymnastics because they give powerful bounces due to the positioning of the springs. This provides the gymnast with enough time to perform their tricks in the air.

Mini trampolines

They are also known as urban rebounders. They are small and can be kept indoors to be used in all seasons. They are very light and can be carried around. Some of them are foldable. If you love exercise routines, this is the best choice because they are easy to assemble.