Habits that will wreak havoc on your skin


A routine skincare habits are essential for a supple skin, but they should be done in the right way. Dead cells removal from the surface of the facial skin breathes life into your skin and imparts a glow. However, over-exfoliating can do more harm than good to the skin. From moisturizers to cleansers you can try out everything to get rid of blemish skin, and these tasks seem to be tedious. The following are some of the skin care habits that you have to forgo to get the flawless skin you desire.

Excessive eye cream


Some women usually believe that using branded eye creams can cure their dark circle’s problems, but an overdose of this should be avoided. Excessive amounts of under eye cream can cause puffiness around the eye and block the pores and thus cause trapping of more dark pigments as well as dull looking eyes. You should use a pea-sized amount of this cream. Apply only three dots under the eye then gently scrub in circular movements around the eyes.

Inadequate sleep

You need to get sufficient amount of sleep to get a glowing skin. When sleeping, growth hormones in the body stimulate regeneration of cells and repair of tissues. With an inadequate amount of sleep, the repair process will slow down and thus cause age-related defects like dull skin and sagging. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night for a glowing and healthy skin.


Removal of dead cells from your skin’s top layer is necessary but using facial scrub too often may remove natural oils from the skin. Besides, the harsh chemical in the scrubs can cause allergic reactions and make the skin more sensitive. You, therefore, have to be careful when choosing your facial scrubs. Choose those with smooth and round granules which are gentle on your skin. You need to exfoliate your skin using antioxidant exfoliants.

Skipping meals

Failure to have meals on time or skipping meals may cause substantial damage to the skin. For tissue repair and cell regeneration to occur, your body needs adequate nutrients which it gets from the food that you eat. Try to include quinoa, rye bread, and brown rice in your diet for the right amount of carbohydrates. Incorporate lots of vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates and proteins in your daily diet. Ensure you consume foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Inadequate sunscreen application

skinsunscreenWhenever you go outdoors ensure your skin is covered with enough amount of sunscreen lotion for protection from harmful rays from the sun. Again apply a pea size portion of sunscreen on the face and two shot glass on the exposed areas of your body.

The skin is a precious part of your body, and its condition tells a lot about you. You need to avoid these habits as much as possible to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing.